About the Program


The SATRN network at ASU is delighted to support the Glen J. Swette Seed Grant Program for Community-Academy Substance Use Research Partnerships. This program aims to encourage new collaborative research projects, addressing issues of substance use prevention, treatment, and policy as well as addiction-related processes, conducted by faculty investigators at Arizona’s universities and community agency partners.

Projects may be laboratory or community based. Each team must include at least one ASU faculty member, who will serve as the PI with respect to seed grant funds management, as well as at least one PI representing a community agency. Projects selected for funding are those that involve an active, hands-on role for both academic and community partners; highest priority will be given to new projects and partnerships with greatest likelihood of enhancing future collaboration. Proposed projects should be well-designed pilot studies with clear milestones, geared toward providing preliminary data for a future external grant proposal for funds to expand the project.

Individual projects are eligible for a maximum of $50,000 in direct costs. However, we encourage budgets that are as trim as possible to complete the project. Project quality and expense will both be considered in funding decisions, and funding may be contingent on required budget adjustments. A typical funded project is approved for a budget in the $25K – $35K range. Funding will be routed through a local gift account to the ASU PI. The project duration is one year maximum.